Proudly representing Conte Spa – a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of the world best hosiery garment. BellaConte strives to offer the finest quality European hosiery to its customers. Conte Spa was founded in 1997 in Belarus and is well-established as a market leader in its field today.  Its product range expands every season, providing you with a beautiful variety of affordable and fashionable hosiery.


Overall, the substance of our brand is based on delivering superior quality and comfort by carefully selecting yarn from trusted producers based in Italy, Germany, and Austria. Moreover, our manufacturing facilities match international standards with strict manual quality control of all products. We ensure that each product is crafted with love and a low environmental impact. Our motto is to ensure customers’ satisfaction by providing them with best-quality products within their budget.


We supply our markets with a wide selection of tights, pantyhose, elegant socks, stockings and hold-ups for women. Each garment is crafted keeping comfort and durability in mind. That is to say, you can find products in different price categories so that you can choose what’s affordable and convenient for you!


You will easily find a range of different materials in our products. From thin summer pantyhose to thick warm velvet ones with shorts, panties, or no reinforcement at all to suit the changing weather.  Importantly, we will never compromise on the quality of our products.


You will also be pleased to get your hands on our functional hosiery. Our hosiery products include “body-shaping” tights. They are perfect to boost your confidence in a crowd. Also,  “support and compression” tights to minimize leg fatigue. There is something for everyone. With our great choice of product and multiple price points, you no longer need to compromise on style or comfort.


Our fashion collection boasts a great fit and the trendiest patterns and prints. Firstly, at BellaConte, you will find fashion fantasy tights to create more variation in your wardrobe. Secondly, our Fantasy collection includes tights in various densities and different pattern weaves such as polka-dotted tights, fishnet tights, and tights with back seams. Thirdly, we also offer beautiful “hold-ups” stockings with silicone strips that will stay in one place the whole day long. In addition, our gorgeous bridal hold-ups collection will make your wedding day unforgettable.

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