Buy hosiery, tights, stockings, pantyhose, socks online in New Zealand

BellaConte presents the wide range of quality European Hosiery for Australasian and New Zealand market. The world of fashion has a deep connection with the high-quality hosiery. As best and trendiest attire is never complete without high-quality hosiery.

Classic Tights

HOSIERY IN NEW ZEALAND. The classic styled basic tight should be a staple requirement for every woman. Seems like highest quality basic tights are a must-have item in your closet. You can wear them comfortably on almost any occasion. All kinds of basic tights presented by BellaConte are of premium quality.

Our classic tights range from 8 to 40 den. You can choose according to the weather conditions and your comfort requirement.

 Body-Shaping Tights

Active Soft 20 den and 40 Den: These are for super-sensitive skin with thin supportive texture and comfortable seam. They enhance the blood circulation while reducing leg fatigue and swelling.

Modeling Tights

Control 20den and 40 Den: Also these are HIGH-QUALITY EUROPEAN modeling tights with graded compression and support. They enhance the beauty of your silhouette with graded compression to show your well-shaped physique.

 Slimming Tights

Style 20 and 40 Den: These are HIGH-QUALITY EUROPEAN slimming elastic tights with a flat seam, cotton gusset, and reinforced toe. They can give a sharp contour to your silhouette whilst adjusting to your figure.

X-Press 20 den and 40 den: The tights with perfect modeling effect that reduces the hips, improves shape while forming a slender waistline and flat stomach. The push-up effect tones the muscles effortlessly to improve the silhouette.


EPISODE -Microfiber warm tights for comfortable wear in the colder months. These are matt tights, extra soft with high rise waistband, cotton gusset and flat seam. Available in two kinds – 50 Den and 80 Den in sizes ranging from S to XXL with even more the quality of extra comfort in chilling cold weather.

TRIUMF -These are the most luxurious of tights and ideal to be worn in the autumn/winter months. Manufactured from finest quality microfiber yarn in 3D technology, they provide the soft velvety touch. Available in 220 Den.

Winter Tights Cotton 150 den:

Extremely warm tights with the super soft velvety touch and superb coziness make them the ultimate pleasure to be worn on colder days.

Fantasy Collection

These are truly another fashionable tights making your legs shiny and add oomph to your trendy outfits. Furthermore, fashion tights have made a remarkable come back in the last couple of years. We can spot fantasy modern tights with patterns every season on catwalks. And more remarkably on bloggers making cool combinations between a pair of fashion tights and a casual outfit.


Our hold-ups (stay-ups) stockings collection includes classic stay-up stockings with silicone strips. They will stay in one place the whole day long. The ajour elastic band will add an elegant look to your legs.

In addition, we also offer beautiful bridal hold-ups collection. This elegant stay-ups will make your special day complete without compromising on comfort. Also our bridal collection is available in white color.


Tension Soft 20 den, stockings with the silky, soft and elegant look. Most noteworthy they contain additional Vitamin E treatment keeping your legs smooth and soft.

Finally, if you are looking for the best and finest quality European hosiery for yourself, shop from bellaconte.com  and upgrade your wardrobe with stockings NZ, tights NZ, pantyhose NZ and hold-ups NZ.

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