How to Be Trendy with Colored Tights in Autumn /Winter

How to Be Trendy with Colored Tights in Autumn /Winter

How to Be Trendy with Colored Tights in Autumn /Winter. Tights are a staple in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas, especially for the autumn-winter season. Winter outfits never seem to be complete or cozy without the addition of high quality and fine-looking tights. The recent most influential fashion weeks such as London, Paris, New York, and Milan have already given us a prediction for the up and coming fashion trends for the autumn/ winter. The most commonly spotted one is the colored tights. Apart from various color palettes used for the autumn/ winter outfits, the colorful tights looked fabulous and head turning on the runways.

Here are some of the stylish ways to wear colorful tights in winter.

Be Trendy with Colored Tights and  Striped Dress

The colored tights look extremely stylish with your favorite black and white

or any other colored striped dress. You can select Burgundy tights to team up with your favorite mini or midi dress and get the perfect sexy look for the winter season.

 Basic Tunic Top and Anthracite (Dark Grey) Tights

You can pick gorgeous dark grey tights and team it up with plain or basic tunic top with a gorgeous trench coat to complete the show-stopping look. Complement the style with the stylish long boots and accessories to make it a fantastic day-out outfit.

Be Trendy with Dark Green Tights and Neutral Skirts

Select vibrant colored tights to pair up with your regular mundane winter attire to rock the style like a true fashionista. Your everyday workplace attire can look absolutely stunning by just adding bright colored tights with a mini or midi skirt.

Shorts with Navy Colored Tights and Tee Shirt

Add a funk to your winter outfits by wearing shorts with colored tights, teaming them up with your favorite Tee shirt and sneakers. You are now ready for a fun day out!


Polka Dots and Colored Tights

Colored tights look gorgeous and super cute with polka dots or a small patterned mini dress. To achieve a highly stylish look you can get bright colored tights and team them up with a mini or midi dress in polka dots. Choose a small floral print dress and high heels and you will shine with effortless chic.

Colored Tights with Office Wear

Your workplace attire can become sensational by pairing Dark Grey tights with a button down shirt, pencil skirt, and high heels. Your appearance tells how you’ll perform in your role. Dark grey pantyhose looks different. Pair tights with a more formal top to “balance” the outfit. A plain shirt or a blazer are great options.

Colored tights are the trendiest addition for your autumn/winter wardrobe. You can effortlessly rock with any kind of style.