Plus-Size tights are an essential accessory for your wardrobe. These tights will add style to your look.

Моreover, plus size tights help hide imperfections on your legs. For example, black spots, cellulite, scars, or unshaved legs. Plus-Size stockings also keep your legs warm on cold days. They also can prevent sunburn on summer days. You can wear them to work or a party or just for a walk wearing your favourite skirt or dress. Plus Size stockings NZ are available in our online shop in different options, for instance, sheer classic pantyhose or slimming body tights.

Here, you will find the best plus size pantyhose which are a must-have in your wardrobe for your better look.

Solo 20 den Beige colour

PLUS SIZE STOCKINGS NZ - Solo 20 den Beige
Solo 20 den Beige_BellaConte

You can combine these tights with any skirts or dresses in your daily life.

They are made of high-quality material that is highly stretchable and comfortable to wear all day long.

These tights are sheer with the reinforced upper part. In other words, they have thin reinforced shorts in the upper part. In addition, pantyhose, Solo 20 den have compacted toe and comfortable elastic seam.

Solo 20 den is available in a 5-XLarge size.

X-press 20 den Bronze colour/ X-press 40 den Natural and Black colours

PLUS SIZE STOCKINGS NZ - X-press 40 den Black - BellaConte
X-press 40 den Black_BellaConte

These tights have a high level of correction and are made from Polyamide and Elastane. Pantyhose X-press have reinforced shaping shorts with modelling belts. These plus size stockings have an elastic waistband that stays on your waist throughout the day. Unique 5 modelling belts reshape your buttocks, keeping them firm.  The high-waist band keeps your torso firm and your stomach flat. X-press 20 den bronze colour is available in 5-XLarge size.

X-press 40 Den in Natural and Black colours are available in 5-Xlarge size.

Cotton 150 den Black colour

PLUS SIZE STOCKINGS NZ - Cotton 150 den Black - BellaConte
Cotton 150 den Black_BellaConte

These plus size cotton tights are made from Cotton, Polyamide, and Elastane. They are soft and durable. They are dense and opaque, and you can’t see the skin through. However, they are not very stretchy because they have only 4% of elastane.

On the other hand, they have 53% of cotton, which is suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, pantyhose “Cotton 150 den” have an anatomic heel which is very comfortable for your feet.

Cotton 150 den is available in Black colour in 5-Xlarge and 6-XXlarge sizes.


PLUS SIZE STOCKINGS NZ -Triumf 220 den - BellaConte
Triumf 220 den_BellaConte

Opaque thick tights provide full coverage. This pantyhose is made with double-layer knitting technology. They have soft and strong macrofibre threads. The ultra-stretch fabric provides for comfortable movement. Those Plus Size pantyhose have an extra insert for support and comfort. Also, they have a flat seam and cotton gusset. Triumf 220 den is available in Black colour in 5-Xlarge and 6-XXlarge sizes.


In conclusion, this is a short review of the best quality plus size pantyhose that you can buy online right now in our online hosiery shop.