Classic Tights

Classic Tights

Classic long-lasting basic tights for every day. We offer a wide selection of basics suitable for every occasion. Ranging from 8 to 40 den, be it tights with shorts, panties, or no reinforcement at all – all of our tights are of premium quality and will offer you a guaranteed comfortable and reliable wear experience every day.


The SUMMER series is specifically designed to be worn during hot summer days.


The PRESTIGE series has a high content of elastane and unique multifilament fibres which imitate natural silk. Available in 12 deniers in Natural colour and 40 deniers in Black colour.


Sturdy 40 denier basic tights with a subtle pearl lustre. Dense elegant and feminine tights over the leg-length. These tights are a perfect budget-friendly choice for every day.


Tights in the TOP SOFT series have a lower waist due to the wide dense waistband that is easily adjustable at the preferred height. Tights in this series are also super soft due to Vitamin E addition.


The BIKINI series includes sheer pantyhose with a romantic ajour slip. While the slip does not offer extra support, the flower motif will add extra femininity to your legs.