BIKINI 20 DEN – thin elastic silky tights with lace panties in the upper part.

SUMMER 8 DEN – Ultra-fine pantyhose with an invisible toe.

TOP SOFT 20 DEN – elastic transparent pantyhose with a wide height adjustable belt.

PRESTIGE 12 DEN – thin elegant tights with a high content of elastane and unique multifilament fibres.

X-PRESS TIGHTENING SHAPING SHORTS –  comfortable natural colour shaping shorts with a push-up effect.

CONTROL 20 den – Thin modelling tights with graded compression and lengthened support top.

X-PRESS 40 DEN – dense modelling natural colour tights, with 7 shaping zones.

STYLE 20 DEN – fine modelling elastic tights with controlling and slimming panties 90 DEN.

ACTIVE SOFT 40 DEN – dense supporting pantyhose with graded compression, massage effect, strong top support.

ELEGANT SOCKS 20, 40, and 50 den  WITH VITAMIN E.

HOLD-UPS “CLASS” 20 and 40 DEN with self-supporting openwork elastic.