Which black pantyhose can I wear this season?

Which black pantyhose can I wear this season? BellaConte

Which black pantyhose can I wear this season?

Which black pantyhose can I wear this season?

Pantyhose are typically categorized as sheer or semi-sheer lightweight stockings that are typically worn by women to protect their legs.

The only way to differentiate between two pantyhose is by the design and colour of the stocking as the shape can’t be changed at all. Long gone is the time when they were known for their functional use only. Nowadays, pantyhose have become a statement of style and feminine charms. Duchess Catherine has been a huge fan of pantyhose and sheer stocking as she has been seen sporting them quite frequently.

Here are some inspirations designs for you if you are looking for black and stylish hosiery garment this season.

 Bikini 40 den BellaConteFirstly, these sheer black pantyhose are formal and casual at the same time. It has a clean cut design down the thighs to the toes and a very lacy design near the hip. Secondly, these sheer black pantyhose have been paired with a lacy black panty as well as a reinforced toe that is bound to keep you comfortable throughout the day. In addition, fun fact, pantyhose can also prevent ankle swelling caused by sitting on a chair with hanging legs all day long.

Moreover, The BIKINI series highlights your uniqueness.


Body-shaping pantyhose “X-PRESS”40 DEN:

 X-press 40 den Black BellaConteThis body shaping pantyhose is perfect for the ladies who are conscious about their body shape and have always been insecure regarding it. These particular pantyhose have 7 shaping zones that give your hips, thighs, and legs a leaner shape. With this, you will never have to get body conscious ever. This hosiery garment is also known for relieving varicose veins.


Fashion polka dotted tights “DOTS”:

 Fantasy tights "DOTS"Black BellaConteIf you follow even a little bit of fashion, you will be aware of the fact that polka dots are in fashion. So much so that they can are being called high fashion trend right now. Jump the bandwagon of polka dot lovers and get these polka dotted pantyhose to one-up your fashion game.






These Microfiber Episode 50 den BellaConte tights are made to accommodate women who don’t feel comfortable wearing sheer material.  These modest tights are perfect for formal and casual environments. They are great and shape the body impeccably. Durable and sturdy, they are made to last many years. These are comfort and style all in one single package.




That is to say, pantyhose are made to protect the legs as well as perfectly shape the body. Moreover, they are a must if you want to keep your hips, thighs, and legs in shape.